Birth India is a comprehensive network that serves to connect pregnant couples with birth professionals, research, educational, and advocacy organisations in order to provide a platform for professionals and families across India to engage with one another in a truthful manner. Search our Service Directory to find the right support close to you.

All our Service Directory members are required to comply with the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Help women achieve the birth they want by helping to make informed decisions regarding both place of birth and birth provider.
  • Be committed to the World Health Organisation goal of a 5% – 15% caesarean section rate.
  • Be proactive within the Birth India community and attend some of our meetings and events if possible.
  • Be committed to the spirit of networking (let’s extend support to each other and share information!).
  • Be committed to education and families as a priority.
  • Work and educate independently without outside influences (such as specific hospital policies)
  • Birth India is committed to upholding professional conduct, ethics, and Indian law in regards to advertising and promotions. Under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, Physicians are not allowed to advertise their services, as soliciting of patients. Additionally, the advertising of Infant Formula is forbidden in order to encourage the natural feeding of infants.

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