Here you will find various resources to help you educate yourself and make informed choices about your reproductive health, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Some of these are documents created by our team adapted to the Indian context and others are links and downloads created by other organisations from around the world. Click on the image to download and do check out the websites listed below for more information.

Giving Birth in India | Infosheets by Birth India

Top Tips for Giving Birth in India | Infosheets by Birth India

Optimal or Delayed Cord Clamping |

IMBCI Ten Steps to Optimal MotherBaby Maternity Services |


Induction of Labour | Maternity Coalition |

Pre-Labour Rupture of Membranes | Maternity Coalition |

Bearing Down or Directed Pushing | Maternity Coalition |

The Third Stage of Labour | Maternity Coalition |


The Rights of a Childbearing Woman by Childbirth Connection

Ten Things Physicians and Patients Should Question | Choosing Wisely |

Care in Normal Birth: A Practical Guide | WHO | Safe Motherhood

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