SWA-Choithram’s Natural Child Birthing Centre

Organisation Name: SWA-Choitram’s Natural Birthing Centre
Location: Choitram’s Hospital and Research Centre, Manik Bagh Road, Indore 

Services Provided: Hospital Attached Birth centre, OB Led Care with Midwifery Support 
Description: SWA- CHOITHRAM”S NATURAL BIRTHING CENTRE is the pioneer in central India promoting natural birthing, an effort of members of SOMI Indore Chapter, Choithram College of Nursing, in collaboration with Choithram Hospital & Research centre. We provide respectful maternity services with safe, skilled & sensitive care by expert Midwives. We value mothers’ choice of birth based on scientific midwifery model of care, which includes eating and drinking during labor, immediate direct skin to skin contact between mother and baby, delayed cord clamping/cutting, no cannulization, no antibiotics, no part preparation, no induction or augmentation of labor, minimized practice of episiotomy, baby is put on breast just after delivery, no active management of third stage of labor, avoid unnecessary suctioning for newborns. SWA- offers 24×7 midwifery care to mothers with emergency & obstetrician back up support. We believe to create a homely, stress free and vigilant place for safe, healthy & natural birthing for mother & baby.
Years of Experience: 3
Phone Number: 09425438183, 09893118278, 09893872597, and 08349477967.

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