Sripadma Ganapathi, Give Birth Naturally

Organisation Name: Give Birth Naturally
Location: Adyar, Chennai; Cloudnine Hospital, Chennai.

Services Provided: Hypnobirthing classes (both face-to- face and Online) and sessions on pregnancy yoga, breastfeeding and baby-wearing and some fun activities for pregnant women including nature walk, pregnancy photoshoot etc.
Description: Padma started teaching hypnobirthing in the UK in 2012 by founding Give Birth Naturally after her own experience of giving birth in Chennai using Hypnobirthing. It was an absolute drug-free delivery which she enjoyed thoroughly. She passionately started talking about this wonderful technique to all her friends leading up to qualifying herself to teach couples across the globe. Hypnobirthing is for both the first and subsequent pregnancies and VBAC.
In her course, she teaches in-depth 8-hour Hypnobirthing that helps in:
 Releasing fear and anxiety about birthing sub-consciously
 Learning the natural pain relief hormones in a woman’s body
 Being aware of the birthing body & process
 Tuning the body with mind using visualisations
 Relaxing in labour with unique breathing techniques to replace physical pushing of the baby
 Understanding the role of the birth partner and what to do on the day to support the woman throughout the birthing process
As part of the course, couples also get to attend sessions on various other aspects of motherhood including breastfeeding, nutrition, pregnancy yoga and fun activities like nature walk, pregnancy photoshoot and folklore birth story-telling.
Qualification and Years of Experience: M.Sc. Applied Microbiology, Dip. Hypnobirthing and Member of The Hypnobirthing Association UK, Dip. Diet and Nutrition; Teaching since 2012
Phone Number: +91 7338881224

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