Mrs. Shrreya Shah

Mrs. Shrreya Shah

Founder of Dviji

Shrreya Shah, Dvija

Organisation Name: Dvija (Reborn as a mother)
Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Services Provided:Childbirth Educator, Pre and Post Natal Counsellor, Fitness Expert, Pediatric Dietician, Yoga teacher
Description: International Childbirth Educator, Attended Water Birth Certification and Doula skills workshop
Qualification and Years of Experience: Water Birth and Gentle Birth Certification (Surya Hospital, Mumbai 2015)
Lamaze International Childbirth Educator (Lamaze International 2010)
Doula Skills Workshop (Douglas College Canada, Mumbai 2009)
Lamaze Teaching Skills Workshop (Douglas College Canada, Mumbai 2009)
Phone Number: 9850581342

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