Rekha Sudarsan

Organisation Name: Progeny
Location: Seethapathy Hospital, Chennai
                 Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Bengaluru
Services Provided: ChildBirth Preparation Classes, HypnoBirthing , Lactation Consultancy, PerinatalFitness and Wellness
Description: Progeny is a comprehensive module that covers the little concerns and big plans thatmake up the sum total of being pregnant. This exclusive program prepares a pregnant woman andher family for all they to know during the miraculous nine months and beyond. ThroughHypnoBirthing they are taken through comfortable Birthing . Lactation Consultancy helps impart theimportance of Breastfeeding . Perinatal Fitness and Wellness takes care of the health and wellnesswhile a woman is pregnant and after childbirth .
Qualification and Years of Experience: Bachelors in Nutrition, Masters in Psychology, IBCLC, CertifiedHypnoBirthing Practitioner, Certified Child BIrth Educator , Certified Perinatal Fitness and wellnessand Pilates specialist.
Practising since 2003 – 12 Years Experience
Phone Number: 9840791901

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