Nutan Pandit

Nutan Pandit

Nutan Pandit, Natural Childbirth Centre

Organisation Name: Natural Childbirth Centre
Location: C 407 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024 

Services Provided: Pre-natal Classes, Pre-natal Exercises, Breastfeeding Counselling, Teacher’s Training
Description: Nutan’s classes are for couples and help to educate and empower them to aim for natural child birth, at the same time alerting them to the signs that need medical observation/ attention. The classes are interactive and also address the emotional, psychological, nutritive aspects of pregnancy;
Other than lamaze breathing, position/relaxation for labour. Pre and post natal exercises, breastfeeding, baby care are also covered.
We have a strong belief that things natural are best for us. As we stay close to mother nature, she blesses us with good health and a strong immune system which are invaluable to live a life that flowers to its full potential.
Qualification and Years of Experience: 1. Teaching since 1978. 38 years of experience as of 2016.
2. Certified by and affiliate of National Childbirth Trust London.
3. Certified trainer, Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India.
4. iLactation certified breastfeeding courses.
5. Research paper presented at Asia Pacific Midwifery Conference 2009, Hyderabad.
6. Author of 3 books :
• Pregnancy The Complete Childbirth Book ( Translated into Hindi & Gujarati)
• Questions and Answers On Pregnancy
• Smart Parenting
Phone Number: 9810146405/ 9910210409
01124601689/ 01124690552
( 4 – 6 PM )
Website: For course content and fee structure visit,

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