Millena Sehgal

Name: Millena Sehgal
Location: Hyderabad city limits, Home visits

Services Provided: Prenatal Yoga, Childbirth education and Doula Services.
Description: Millena is passionate about gentle birth and breastfeeding. Her services include meeting the expectant mother and her partner to understand their doubts, expectations and desires, helping them to make informed decisions during pregnancy and childbirth. She also provides labor and postpartum support, including physical and emotional comfort measures during the entire process of labor and the first days after the delivery. Millena teaches Prenatal Yoga at Fernandez Hospital and takes private classes as well.
Qualification and Years of Experience: Yoga Instructor (2010, 2011), Childbirth Educator (2011, 2012), Doula (2014), Waterbirth workshop (2015).
Phone Number: +91 9704258580

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