Latha D Balasundaram

Name: Latha D Balasundaram, Fernandez Hospital Private Limited
Location: 8-2-698, Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034

Services Provided: Physiotherapy (MPT), Lamaze Certified Childbirth Education (LCCE), Pre & Post Natal Fitness and Wellness
Description: Latha is a physiotherapist with experience in the area of adult neurology and pediatrics which include early intervention and problems with sensory motor deficit and developmental delays. She conducts antenatal and post natal group classes for fitness and wellness. She also treats musculoskeletal problems and pain management in pregnant women and also other problems in the area of women’s health such as pelvic floor strengthening, diastasis recti, core stability issues etc. She takes care of post natal checks for in-patient new mothers and educates them about post natal care and exercises. Latha teaches child birth education classes in groups as well as one on one sessions. Her classes include teaching about labour and pain, healthy birth practices, various coping strategies such as breathing awareness, relaxation, massage techniques, hydrotherapy, positioning and movement in labour and other comfort measures. The childbirth classes aims at empowering women by educating and informing them to be able to make informed choices in their birthing process. The classes include breastfeeding basics and post natal care. She also helps facilitate a mother to mother support network.
Qualification and Years of Experience: MPT (10 years), LCCE (2 years)
Phone Number: + 91 9573895862

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