Healthy Mother Sanctum Natural Birth Center

Organisation Name: Healthy Mother Sanctum Birth Center
Location: Location: 3rd Floor, Plot No. 57. Kalyan Nagar 1st Phase, Hyderabad – 500 038

Services Provided:
1. Antenatal Check ups and Pregnancy Care
2. Holistic Midwifery Care for Natural Birth and VBAC Birth, WaterBirth
3. Labor Support, Delivery and Postpartum Care
4. Lactation Counseling and Support
5. Well Woman Routine Check Ups, Contraception and Family Planning Services
6. Preconception Counseling
7. Diet Counseling and Prenatal Exercises
8. Prenatal Yoga
9. Prenatal Childbirth Education Lamaze Classes
10. Prenatal and Postnatal Massage
11. Womens Aerobics and Fitness Exercise Programs
12. Infant Massage and Well Baby Care
13. Mother to Mother Support Network
14. Lamaze-Accredited Teacher Training Workshops
Description: Description: Healthy Mother® Sanctum Natural Birth Center is the pioneer and India’s most valued provider of maternity and wellness services to women, based on Scientific Midwifery Model of Care. We are the only Natural Birth Center in India, offering a Collaborative Model of Care – Scientific Midwifery services to expecting and new mothers, backed by 24-hr in-house emergency care and
OB/Gyn backup support. By creating positive change in birth practices, we Engage, Educate & Empower mothers to give birth naturally.
Qualification and Years of Experience: 10 years experience
Phone Number: (040) 2370 1666, +91 78930 68666, +91 97043 68666

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