Dr. Sonali Santhanam

Dr. Sonali Santhanam

Birth Basix

Dr. Sonali Santhanam, Birth Basix

Organisation Name: Birth Basix: Dr. Sonali Santhanam
Location: Chennai with branches in Adyar and Nungambakkam

Services Provided: Physical Therapy in Women’s Health
Lactation Counseling
Childbirth Education
HypnoBirthing Education
Baby Bonding
Pre and Post Natal Fitness Programs.
Description: Dr. Sonali Santhanam, PhD., Ms. PT is an American Board Certified Physical Therapist specializing in back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. She has a Doctorate and a Masters degree from the University of Pittsburgh (USA). She is also a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Lactation Counselor. Most importantly Sonali is the mother of 2 wonderful children who light up her world.
Sonali’s perinatal programs support women from pre-conception to well after they have birthed their babies. In addition to helping women enjoy a healthy and pain free pregnancy, Sonali helps expectant mothers tap into their innate wisdom during labor to birth as nature intended. She combines her expertise as a physical therapist, a childbirth educator and a lactation counselor to help women stay fit and pain-free through pregnancy, to have a safe and gentle birthing experience and a joyful transition to motherhood.
Dr. Sonali is also an independent researcher and has authored numerous papers in the area of Low Back Pain and her paper received Recognition of Excellence by the American Physical Therapy Association for best meeting the APTA Vision Statement for Physical Therapy in the year 2020.
Qualification and Years of Experience:
PhD., Ms. PT
American Board Certified Physical Therapist
Women’s Health Specialist
Certified Lactation Counselor
Certified Childbirth Educator
Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner
Certified Baby Bonding Practitioner
Phone Number: 91-9500076946
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