Dr Prity Dal, Mums-n-Bumps

Organisation Name: Mums-n- Bumps
Location: Santacruz west, Mumbai

Services Provided:
 – Prenatal yoga
– Postnatal yoga
– Mum and baby Yoga(2-11 months),
– Mum and toddler Yoga (12-29 months)
– Stroller yoga
– Pelvic floor strengthening sessions pre/postnatal
– Diastesis recti ( abdominal rehab/ core strengthening ) pre/postnatal
– Yoga for Conception/Fertility
– Group as well as personal sessions in Dadar, Bandra, Khar, Santacruz and Juhu.
We are here to help all the pregnant yoga goddesses for one of the greatest event in their life…birthing of a baby!!
Our sessions include..
*Yoga asanas suited for all trimesters
*Cord connect
*Womb songs
*Mumma mantras
*Labour Pledge
YOGA FOR MUMS AND LIL BUMS is a 50 minutes session for new mums and not so new mums, where in they can do the yoga asanas with their babies(2-11months) just by their side or holding them. These sessions are specially designed for mums, who want to go out and get a little more flexible and get back in shape post pregnancy, not feeling guilty that they have left their lil one home with a nanny or in- laws and constantly worrying what the lil one would be doing, and also this class helps working mums to spend some time with the baby, connect with their babies, connect with other mums around.
And for the TODDLER GROUP(12-29months), the idea is for the kids to see their moms giving importance to fitness, learning asanas and the most important, learning how to relax and how important it is. For kids, its always observed that they learn by OBSERVING and copying what parents are doing. So, this is how you introduce your kids to the importance of good health and ways for it and at the same time, you gain some flexibility doing those asanas in the class.Also, it doesnot matter if the kid is not doing any exercises in the class, but are definitely observing every minute thing happening around them and snapshotting all those in their mind. Last but not the least, learn to exercise while you are going in a park with your lil one in a STROLLER…YES, a STROLLER!! with our STROLLER WORKOUT/YOGA!! Join us to help our kids build a healthy and happy future!!
Yoga can help you realign your hormonal imbalance and hence your ovulation and menstrual cycle. It also helps to increase the circulation of blood to the reproductive organs and hence increase your chances of conception.  Sessions also includes Reiki, visualisation, stress management, breathing and positive mantras.
Qualification and Years of Experience: A dentist by profession and Certified yoga instructor by passion . Also a certified Aqua Yoga instructor 
Phone Number: 9819713620

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