Dr. Barkha Nagpal

Organisation Name: Dr. Barkha Nagpal
Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Services Provided: Childbirth Education
Description: Antenatal Care Classes includes
 Prenatal Phase
o Development of Mother & Baby during Pregnancy
o Making Love during pregnancy
o Exercises
o Nutrition
o Dealing with Discomforts
o Dealing with Aches & Pains
o Relaxation Techniques
o Do’s & Don’ts of Pregnancy
o Facts & Myths
o Hospital Goodie Bag
o Preparations for the Daddy-to-be

 Perinatal phase:
o Stages of Labor
o How to deal with Labor Pains
o What is allowed during Labor
o What to expect in the Actual Birth Process
o Comfort Measures during Labor & Delivery
o Relaxation
o Lamaze Breathing
o Assisted Deliveries
o Cesarean Births

 Postnatal Phase
o Changes in the Body
o Nutrition for the Mother & Baby
o Breast Feeding
o Bottle Feeding
o Care of the Baby
o How to get back in Shape (Exercises)

 Patients with specific conditions
o Diastasis Recti
o Incontinence
o Core Strengthening

Qualification and Years of Experience:
Masters in Physiotherapy in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases, Nashik University
o Experience: 3 years
Certified Childbirth Education from Academy of Certified Birth Educators, USA
o Experience: 1 year

Phone Number: +91-9960727076

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