Anupama Kumar, Vriksham

Organisation Name: Vriksham
Location: Coimbatore and Tirupur

Services Provided: Pregnancy Fitness Classes, Childbirth Classes, Breastfeeding Classes
Description: While childbirth is a cherished moment in a mother’s life, it can also be quite overwhelming. Antenatal (Pregnancy care)classes serve to help expectant mothers by teaching them about pregnancy, prenatal exercises, breathing techniques, delivery, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and baby care.
These classes not only help you focus on your pregnancy, forthcoming labor and birth  they but have a great social function – they are a great place to meet other parents to be. They also help you overcome the fear of childbirth by equipping you with the right information. Your childbirth educator can help you think about labor and birth and becoming a parent and give you time to ask questions that you may not have at a busy doctor’s appointment.
We offer small class sizes allowing us to tailor our classes to meet your needs and giving you the opportunity to meet other expectant mothers in a relaxed setting. We believe that smaller classes allow for a more relaxed learning environment which will help you feel comfortable asking questions and truly participating so that you can take much more away from our classes than just birth facts.
Qualification and Years of Experience: Certified Childbirth educator, Certified Pregnancy and Nutrition fitness educator, Certified Lactation educator, Birth Doula. Teaching  since 2013, have worked with 650 odd pregnant mothers
Phone Number: 9486406040

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