A mothers birth story with two doulas – one doula, passionate and fiery; the other, peaceful and zen!

Motherly instincts in the birth process

Several weeks before AJ’s arrival, I woke up at least twice a week convinced I was going into labor. It was an emotional roller coaster I did not want to be on.

My due date came and went. At this point, I braced myself for the two-week long haul, attempting to mentally prepare for an induction at 42 weeks. After all, this is what had happened last time, hadn’t it?

The night before I went into labor, my daughter seemed to know it was our last night together. My mom, who was staying with us, suggested that I call my husband home from work. I think her motherly instinct was kicking in. Forever the stubborn holdout, I denied her suggestion. Finally, I realized that I was, indeed, exhausted and emotional. So I called my husband, super emotional. He cancelled everything and came home to be with me.

A quick start to labor

The next morning I woke up having contractions. I didn’t believe it was real. I got my husband after 20 minutes. We lay in bed and timed them. He was pretty sure I was in labor and started planning what to do. I still was not convinced.  Shortly after, I texted my doula. I got in the shower and let the water pour over my body, which felt amazing (and also slowed down my contractions). I went about my morning, trying to have a normal day in case I had a long labor. My husband was busy getting everything ready…the car seat, the car, the bag, etc. Around mid-morning, the contractions were getting painful. I had to stop and breathe through them, though they still felt manageable. I talked to my doula again, and she said when I had three contractions in 10 minutes to head to the hospital. I got off the phone and had four contractions in 10 minutes. I said goodbye to everyone and went downstairs. We got in the car. On the way out of the neighborhood, my husband saw a neighbor and stopped to tell him we were on the way to have our baby. I didn’t love that; I wanted to get to the hospital NOW. The whole drive I thought I had waited too long. The contractions were coming faster and faster and were definitely way more intense.

One doula, passionate and fiery; the other, peaceful and zen

When we got the hospital I went in and asked where to go.  My husband came rushing behind me and yelled, “She’s having a baby!” Someone took us to the room and I had a contraction in the elevator. I couldn’t stand up straight anymore, so I leaned on the floor and waited for the doctor to come check me. They had the water tub set up, and I wanted to get in. I had two doulas for extra support and was also waiting for them. They were amazing, like yin and yang. One was passionate and fiery and an amazing advocate, challenging everyone to make the best choices. The other was peaceful, zen and comforting, knowing exactly what I needed to hear and feel at each step.

Peaceful, calm and amazing, in the midst of transition

Finally, they checked me. I was 9 cm dilated. I got in the birthing tub and it felt amazing. My labor since I had gotten to the hospital was super intense. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle it, and the water slowed down the intensity and frequency enough for me to be able to focus. There was aromatherapy and my YoYo Ma music. It was peaceful, calm and amazing.

I was there for a while, and it seemed like things were stalling. One doula went to get coffee for everyone, and when she came back, the smell made me want to vomit. She got excited and ran for the doctor. I checked to see where the head was, and could feel it progressing down, but there was something stuck over half of the head. A little bit later, my OB/GYN asked to see if I had a lip, and sure enough I did. She asked if she could move it. I said yes and she pushed it off.  That hurt something awful. My passionate, amazing doula kept asking me to try different positions, but it was too painful. My husband and my peaceful doula held my hands and that was super comforting. They also would put cold rags on my neck between contractions. When I was having a contraction, the rag was too much. I really wanted to meet my baby, so would say, “Baby, come out!”

Birthed into the water

Around that point I started bearing down. I didn’t know if I was pushing or not, but I heard my doula say something about how my body was taking over. I kept feeling the head come lower and lower. Finally, I knew the baby was really close and I just wanted to meet him or her. I knew if I waited a few more contractions, I probably wouldn’t tear, but I decided I wanted to meet my baby NOW. So I pushed extra on that last contraction, POP! The amniotic sac burst and the head popped out. It was immediate relief and joy and so many emotions. I was worried that my baby would drown, even though I knew it was okay. They brought my baby to my chest. My husband and and I beheld our beautiful baby and cried.

We held AJ in the bath for a while and then found out you were a boy! My husband cut the cord. Then they moved us to the bed so I could get stitched up.

This birth was the most beautiful, wonderful thing and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The birth was peaceful and magnificent. My boy gave me, with God, the gift of the birth I had longed and hoped for. He brought with him a long awaited promise – a release of joy. This birth healed the hurts from my first birth and made my daughter’s birth even more special. My sweet, sweet boy, thank you.

Melody Crisp, MS, PA-C, is a licensed and certified Physician Assistant. She is passionate about providing access to good, quality information and care to women of all backgrounds. She loves participating in and educating women about holistic, evidence-based health practices. Melody loves adventuring around the globe with her husband and two children.


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