What do we know about conception? I mean we know it is when the egg gets fertilised by the sperm, but what else do we know that is important about that time? The significance of the surrounding environment and the consciousness, the emotions, the physical and energetic surroundings at that time? Are there influences from the mother and the father?

What if I told you that YOU could influence the type of soul you invite into your womb at conception? What if I told you – you could influence his or her consciousness, character and values, his or her likes and dislikes, fears and loves, insecurities and ways of interacting?

What if I told you that the moment of conception has an incredible amount of influence on our future generations? That there is a lot that we as women and men too can do to create future adults who are centred, empathic and connected – by being conscious about our conception – when we conceive our babies.

The truth is that at the moment of conception, when a man ejaculates his semen and sperm into a woman and it fertilises her egg; we are in fact welcoming a soul into our womb and into our lives as our child.

Imagine if we could make this environment wonderful! If we could welcome a little soul into our womb that we have been planning and preparing for months, years – to be a perfect environment that he or she can bloom in comfort, security, warmth, physically nurturing, safe that makes him or  feel really GOOD!

This womb environment within a women’s body will be the place that this little cell will miraculously multiply – becoming an embryo and then a baby will get ALL her nutrition from the mother’s resources via the umbilical cord and placenta. She will receive all the mother’s emotional and mental states, stressors, anxieties, joys and fears via hormones and other carriers.

The mother has a unique opportunity to optimise and prepare herself as a vessel in so many ways to give this little baby the best start physically, emotionally – from so many angles.

What if there were actual things we could do to prepare ourselves – our bodies, mind and souls to be a wonderful vessel for a little human to take shelter in to develop his or her physical body and grow to become our baby.

Conception is just that. It is that time when the soul enters us through the sperm to bring consciousness as it fertilises with the egg – and so an embryo starts forming – becoming a  and a baby.

The truth is that the imprints that the baby receives while in the womb from that time of conception form a part of how this baby will feel about life, about his or her body, about the world, about trust, love, fear and hope, about feeling safe and feeling worthy.

Imprints are the messages and emotional environment that surrounds us and is within us that transfers to the baby. They can be transferred via hormones, nutrients and environment. If we prepare before conception for an optimal womb environment than we can really do a lot to facilitate a conscious soul into our lives.

To facilitate a transformative conception – a perfect welcoming and invitation to the little soul – there are certain things we can do. We can physically prepare our womb, our body and our surrounding environment. We can also nurture and focus our minds and social environment, our mentality, our relationships so we can reduce burdens of stress and misunderstandings. And we can prepare ourselves spiritually by meditation, regulation and reflection.

According to the Vedas, it says that at the mother’s consciousness at the moment of conception has an affect on the baby. So the atmosphere, mental states, time of day and even further looking at astrological influences can all carry an influence on conception.

Here are a few helpful ideas to prepare for a healthy and peaceful conception and womb time. Each one deserves a lot more information and discussion to really work through and optimise.


Eat well!

Be fit!

Sort out medical issues and illness!

Find out what supplements you need to ensure optimal nutrition and essentials for your baby BEFORE you conceive.

Learn about how the biology of your body works to understand when you are fertile, when is the best time to conceive, what happens when we conceive and what to expect during pregnancy.


Discuss your ideas, expectations and fears about having children with your partner.

Sort out your misunderstandings, conflicts and challenges NOW, before you conceive!

Forgive, let go of harbouring negative emotions and anger.

Explore your social support networks so you have them in place as needed during pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.


Take care of yourself. Reflect, meditate, focus. Find your ways to destress and incorporate it into your life.

Find your spiritual meaning and ways to connect with a Higher Power and take time daily to journal, meditate and connect in your own way.

One can even consult astrology to learn when is an auspicious time to conceive.


Prepare your environment. At the time of  you can make the environment very nurturing, inviting, loving for the soul to enter. In this  you can take care to have clean sheets, clean room, clean bodies, soft aromas, dim lights, loving words and special time when making love.

All of these can make a difference so that at the time of conception we are feeling good and ready in our body, mind and soul. Each soul we conceive – has come to us for a reason. When we have a conceive consciously we are not only giving ourselves a special and profound connection and bond, but we are also creating progeny that can add to a loving, empathic and compassionate world.

Preparing our wombs with love and connection is the primary and deepest way we can actually change the face of the world – one baby at time.

Gauri Lowe is a medical doctor (University of Cape Town, South Africa) and spent several years after that working in different rotations and then focusing in obstetric and gynaecology wards in government hospitals around Western Cape. Since then she worked with a homebirth midwife in Cape Town and has been doing homebirths in India, where she currently resides. Since the homebirth of her son during medical school her focus has become practicing and teaching a Sacred model of birth. She was a co-founder of the Complementary Medical Association at medical school; co-founder and speaker at the Midwifery and Birth Conference in Cape Town, South Africa and written articles for Midwifery Today as well as having an active blog page dedicated to spreading a Sacred model of birth. Recently she does online holistic women’s health and pregnancy consultations and education and is developing workshops to teach a Sacred Model of Birth to birth practitioners. She resides in West Bengal in an international community with her husband and 2 sons

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