Birth photography – capturing one of life’s greatest works

In this blog, we hear the heart and story behind birth photographer, Maayan Gutgold. Originally a freelance portrait photographer, she shares what it is that has put her behind the lens, and capturing births. Also in this blog - pictures from the first birth she...
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What if we treated conception like birth? – the medical model of care and a MUST WATCH satirical video!

If you read our blog about why cesarean surgeries are on the rise in India, you will probably remember one of the main contributing reasons for the rise: the medical model of care. Check out the satirical video in this blog for a good illustration of the medical model...
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Nurse-midwife from Fernandez describes what normal birth has taught her

Jyothi Raepelli, a nurse-midwife serving women in Fernandez Hospital in Hyderabad, reflects on what she learned during her training transforming her from a nurse to a professional nurse-midwife. But what's one important thing she has learned? India needs midwives....
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Why cesarean surgeries are on the rise in India and how to avoid an “unnecesarean”

As Cesarean Awareness Month wraps up, we wanted to share a few thoughts on why we think we are seeing so many cesareans in India and how to avoid an unnecessary one.

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“Look into my Eyes” – Poetic Reflections after the HRiC India Conference 2017

As a part of World Doula Week, we found Alli Sullivan's poem a perfect addition to raising awareness about doulas. In her poem below, it's easy to feel what is missing for this birthing woman: continuous, loving care and support. So many women in Indian hospitals give...
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Birth India is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation registered in 2011 to support families and the community in seeking and selecting skilled, respectful care providers for women during their birthing year.

Our mission is to promote evidence based benefits and best practices for childbirth in India by advocating for women’s reproductive rights and spreading awareness on mother-baby-friendly care. We are a comprehensive network that serves to connect pregnant couples with birth professionals, research, educational, and advocacy organisations in order to provide a platform for professionals and families across India to engage with one another in a supportive and truthful manner.

The organisation was initially founded in 2007 by five women in Mumbai from various nationalities. These women were looking to make a positive difference in the way women in India are cared for during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Each co-founder was originally motivated by her own childbirth experiences, both positive and negative. Through our work with media, health workers, doctors, and conferences, Birth India has been able to create increased awareness in terms of options available to women. Since inception, we have seen an increase in the presence of international childbirth education, birthing options, doulas, midwives, and lactation institutions within India.
Birth India aims to develop a culture that eradicates the abuses women face at the time of birth and hopes to ensure a bond between families that is conducive to a more respectful, healthy society. We maintain a high level of transparency and information sharing within the community. No matter how or where women birth, we strive for a safe, gentle birth for mothers from all walks of life via all methods of delivery.

Human rights refer to basic rights or freedoms to which all humans are entitled regardless of nationality, sex, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, language, sexual orientation, caste, economic status or other status. Human rights are protected and upheld by international and national laws and treaties such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948. These basic Human Rights are just as relevant to women when they become pregnant as any other time in their life.

Human Rights in Childbirth and reproductive health focus on access to care for every woman and a woman’s rights to private, dignified, appropriate care, where she has freedom to make choices as a respected equal with her care provider. Although reproductive freedoms are supposed to be guaranteed to every citizen of India, women and families struggle every day to have their most basic reproductive rights respected.

Being aware of your maternity rights is the first step to ensuring that they are not compromised and violated during Childbirth.



Human Rights in Childbirth 2017 Films


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